• Paul Boisvert

    Director of Product Management, Magento

    Paul is Director of Product Management for Magento and is leading product management for Magento 2. Paul has been working at eBay Inc. since 2011 and joined Magento in 2012. Prior to joining eBay Inc., Paul led product development for Yahoo! Small Business inclusive of the eCommerce, hosting, business mail and domains businesses serving over 1 million small businesses.

  • Brent Peters

    CTO, eBay Enterprise

    Brent joined eBay Enterprise as chief technology officer in April 2013. As CTO, Brent is responsible for eBay Enterprise’s technology platforms and operations and continuing to drive innovation within and across solutions. He also leads development of eBay Enterprise’s mobile capabilities and deeper integration with Magento, Marketplaces, PayPal, and other eBay Inc. assets. Brent joined eBay Enterprise from IBM, where he spent more than 20 years leading large teams in software development and technical strategy. At IBM, he led organizations such as WebSphere, Lotus, and most recently within IBM GTS, he was responsible for the development of IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+.

  • Ben-Pressley

    Ben Pressley

    Head of Worldwide Sales, Magento

    Ben is the Head of Worldwide Sales for Magento. Ben and his team strategically align Magento products and services to businesses in need of solutions necessary to compete in a rapidly changing commerce landscape. As a customer advocate, Ben passionately leads programs that provide insight and clarity to help foster our customers’ ongoing success. Ben brings to Magento a decade of open source software experience, having held Sales and Channel leadership positions at Novel in its open source business unit. Ben holds a Masters of Information Systems from both the University of Utah and an MBA from Columbia University.

  • Joe Devine

    Solution Consultant, Listrak

    Listrak Solution Consultant Joe Devine has over 10 years of experience in eCommerce technology
    helping online brands meet their revenue goals, KPIs and maximize their ROI. Joe has extensive technical experience in network engineering, web hosting administration, web application development and in management of a large email infrastructure for an ISP. In addition, he has many years of experience designing, developing and deploying eCommerce solutions and strategies to drive revenue and profitability. Joe has the ability to visualize web-based technical solutions, enabling him to uncover and resolve pain points in clients’ interactive marketing strategies. Through his various skill sets he is able to help position marketing solutions for eCommerce customers and align revenue goals with services and solutions to maximize ROI.

  • William Harvey

    Principal Product Manager, Magento

    William joined the Magento product group in 2012. With over 20 years of experience in development and product management roles, he is currently focused on improving the performance and scalability of Magento.

  • Nick Hull

    Ecommerce Strategist, eWave

    Nick started his career in online marketing and optimization and has worked with leading brands and retailers such as Nike, Woolworths and Wesfarmers. As an Ecommerce Strategist he delivers complex and integrated marketing strategies for brands to succeed in an omni-channel environment. Nick now leads the Relevance team, a conversion technology division at the award winning ecommerce agency eWave. With a keen eye for ecommerce innovation, he identifies unique opportunities and advanced technologies to drive ROI and measurable results.

  • Ben Marks

    Magento Evangelist Community Manager, Magento

    Ben joined Magento in April 2014 as a Developer and Community Evangelist after spending five years working as a Magento developer and educator. He is responsible for helping Magento and its amazing community of users and developers to be as connected as possible.

  • Chris-Wells

    Chris Wells

    CEO, Nexcess

    Chris is the CEO and founder of Nexcess. Having been involved with Magento since its inception, Nexcess continues to push the envelope on performance, offering an optimized platform catering to specific client needs. Nexcess has grown to be the largest Magento hosting provider, which Chris attributes to the team’s dedication to its clients and strong relationships with its partners.

  • Stefan Willkommer

    CTO and Co-Founder, TechDivision GmbH

    Stefan studied computer science at the University of Applied Sciences in Rosenheim. During this time he started his entrepreneurship with several projects leading to the founding of TechDivision GmbH as an internet support company for open source driven solutions for content management and eCommerce. The Magento Gold Partner TechDivision has become one of the leading companies in Europe for consulting, developing and supporting Magento Enterprise solutions. Over the past 5 years, Stefan has supervised a number of international Magento projects for very high profile brands.