• Matt Althauser

    Head of EMEA, Optimizely

    Matt joined Optimizely as the first non-technical hire in 2011. After building out the initial sales team, Matt is now in charge of Optimizely’s business in EMEA. He loves to evangelize website testing and its potential for converting visitors into customers. Before joining Optimizely, Matt ran his own mattress recycling company where he learned first-hand what companies experience when trying to convert traffic on their websites. Prior to running his own business, Matt brokered domains and traffic portfolios.

  • Nikolay Babiy

    Software Development Manager, Magento

    Nikolay is a Software Development Manager at Magento. He joined Magento in 2010 and has been primarily focused on Magento core platform capabilities and product quality. His current responsibilities include managing development teams, processes and cross-team collaboration.

  • Simon Bell

    Managing Director, Diligent Commerce

    Simon is founder and CEO of Diligent Commerce, a Magento eCommerce specialist agency. Diligent designs superior websites on Magento for premium fashion brands and retailers. It also provides marketing to drive traffic to its customers’ websites. Simon’s background is in marketing where he has held senior roles at Unilever, BBC, Sky, and The Times. He employs this brand understanding to bring his customers’ brands to life online.

  • Rogier Hosman

    B2B Business Consultant, YouWe BV

    Rogier Hosman is one of the four founders of Youwe, a leading Dutch eCommerce agency with a strong focus on B2B enterprises. Rogier strongly believes in the new opportunities eCommerce software like Magento offer enterprises, and how smart use of information enables wholesalers to gain a stronger position in the supply chain. Rogier supports well known organizations like European Apple distributor, PPG and itsme.

  • Phillip Jackson

    Magento Architect, Something Digital

    A luminary in the Magento community, Phillip has been developing eCommerce solutions since 1998. With over 15 years of experience creating unique online customer experiences, Phillip has both built and managed Magento installations for some of the world’s most recognizable brands. With 4 Magento Developer Certifications under his belt, Phillip is one of the most certified developers in the community. He currently holds the #2 spot in the world at the Q&A site Magento StackExchange, runs the South Florida Magento Meetup, and co-hosts the fledgling “MageTalk”, a Magento-focused podcast.

  • Stefan Jørgensen

    CEO, Itembase, Inc.

    Stefan founded his first company at age 19 in Denmark, while studying law. He built his eCommerce company to €10m in revenue, sold it and completed his degree. After running several eCommerce start-ups, he founded a Social Network in 2006 which scaled to 12 million users in 23 countries. In 2010, Stefan moved to Berlin and founded itembase.com (now SF based). His experience with purchasing behavior relative to eCommerce, digital profiles from social networking, and a privacy-focused law degree have given Stefan insights into providing consumers the right information at the right time.

  • Bjoern Kraus

    CTO & Co-Founder, Phoenix Media

    Bjoern has been working with Magento since 2008, and has a strong focus on improving the performance and scalability of the platform. Phoenix Media’s goal is to enhance merchants’ success with technical innovation, by providing a wide range of must-have extensions on Magento Connect for free.

  • Brent Peterson

    Chief Magento Evangelist, Wagento Creative LLC

    Brent Peterson is the Chief Magento Evangelist and Agency Coach at Wagento.com. He has progressed through the ranks from html, ASP, .net, MSSQL and finally to Magento. Open source has taught him that working together is better than working in a silo. Brent loves to run, bike, ski and sometimes swim, in that order. He is often found at Magento events, organizing and running meetups with his wife Susan.

  • Marc Schuermann

    Director of Sales, Phoenix Media

    Marc joined Phoenix Media as Key Account Manager overseeing Magento Enterprise projects. He has substantial experience with Magento platforms. As the Director of Sales, he provides strategic advice and tactical guidance to ensure merchants growth.

  • Vasiliy Seleznyev

    Front-end Development Manager, Magento

    Vasiliy has been involved in the development of all Magento editions since 2008 as the lead frontend developer. He has built a strong team of frontend developers at Magento. Vasiliy’s current focus is on providing innovative insights and modern technologies and techniques for the development of Magento 2.

  • Alistair Stead

    CTO, Session Digital

    Alistair is CTO at Session Digital UK and a Magento Certification Board Member. Alistair has been developing software with PHP and other technologies since 2000 and has helped many enterprise clients from the UK and Europe find complex commerce solutions. As an advocate of Open Source software, Alistair has contributed to a number of projects. Recently, he has been working on projects that have validated the scalability and performance credentials of Magento and supported clients with business critical applications.